Everyone loves a good brawl from time to time, and in the world of Fire Emblem Heroes, perhaps no nobility is up for the ruck as much as Princess Dagr, who joins the mobile battler this week as its newest Mythic Hero.

Debuting in Fire Emblem Heroes itself, Dagr is the twin sister of Nott and the youngest princess of the kingdom of Jotunheimr. Bedecked in ornate armor and wielding a mighty, full-length battle-axe, Dagr hopes to use her fighting spirit and prowess in battle to prove to her mother that she should be next in line for Jotunheimr’s throne, stepping ahead of her older and more demure and thoughtful sibling.

The scrappy Dagr is Fire Emblem Heroes' latest Mythic Hero screenshot

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Source: Destructoid The scrappy Dagr is Fire Emblem Heroes’ latest Mythic Hero