Microsoft just finished its “first ever” ID@Xbox showcase stream, and there’s a lot to unpack.

As a recap, ID@Xbox kicked off in 2013, as a way for Microsoft to push indies forward specifically within their ecosystem. The publisher typically uses this branding for in house purposes, but over the years they’ve started to push it more toward a customer facing side, culminating in this stream; which brings the brand front and center.

But more importantly, a bunch of games were announced and reconfirmed. Like most “Summer of Gaming”-esque streams, there’s a bunch of retreading here and some still-unconfirmed-nebulous-dates for stuff we knew about.  But there’s also a few new things, like the Zelda-esque Nobody Saves the World from Drinkbox, and Death’s Door, a fantasy action game set in a world of mysterious death-decreeing crows.

We also have assurances that Twelve Minutes, previously known as “12 Minutes,” still exists. That’s good! As is the news that a ton of stuff is coming to Game Pass.

It was a lengthy stream, but it allowed a bunch of indie developers to get some much-needed airtime, and there’s a bunch of cool things on the horizon. Mission accomplished.

Here's everything Microsoft announced at the ID@Xbox showcase screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Here’s everything Microsoft announced at the ID@Xbox showcase