Publisher Sega, in association with developers Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive, has announced that a remastered edition of its game-changing strategy title Rome: Total War will launch on PC via Steam April 29, priced at around $30.

First released back in 2004, Rome: Total War was the third entry in the best-selling Total War franchise, following the release of Shogun: Total War in 2000 and Medieval: Total War in 2002. Rome was the first entry in the strategy series to feature a fully 3D map as well as free, open-world movement, as players managed (or mismanaged) the rise of the Roman Republic.

Would-be Caesars are responsible for the building of cities and micro-management of its citizens and economies, while fending off invaders and conquering new land via real-time tactical combat. Rome: Total War received rave reviews on release, and would go on to bag a plethora of awards.

Total War: Rome Remastered is coming to PC April 29 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Total War: Rome Remastered is coming to PC April 29