There is a start to everything. All conflicts and compassions require a catalyst, but finding the true zero point can range from easy to very, very tricky.

This is the setup of Genesis Noir, an adventure from developer Feral Cat Den that’s both about a night gone terribly wrong and also kind of about the creation of the universe. What’s best described as a surreal exploration of what drives humans—to love, to lose, to lash out and lament—and how we cope with the consequences.

It’s heavy stuff, but it’s all told in a way that’s gorgeous and evocative, and had me constantly in awe of what new audiovisual spectacle it held next for me. It’s a noir story, broken up into vignettes with sparse writing, but in place of long dialogues it relies on fantastic art, music, and discretely designed areas to communicate the journeys of the protagonist, No Man.

Review: Genesis Noir screenshot

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