Sean @ FG: The Finger Guns Gang (Greg, Toby, Sean and the returning Rossko) celebrate this historic episode milestone by doing exactly what they usually do? Okay then. Greg finally has his PS5 so he talks about Miles Morales and Astrobot. Sean has been exploring the Alps in Mundaun. Toby is still debating how to pronounce Kaze and the Wild Masks Kayze? Karse? Ross gives his early impressions of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. This weeks gaming quiz is a little different too its fastest finger first!

We also dig into the hot topics of the week:

Sony Unveil the PSVR 2 controller and were impressed.
Square Enix Presents Announcements and Reactions
Are Tencent getting into the console market? A recent patent suggests they might be.

Source: N4G PC The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 100 – Tencent Creating Their Own Games Console?