The Nintendo 64 and original PlayStation basically lived their lives during the “Attitude” or “Monday Night Wars” era of wrestling. If you’re unfamiliar, it was this incredibly tacky time where cartoonish machismo was replaced with edginess and sexuality. I’m not much of a wrestling fan, but when I do watch oiled up muscle men hug each other in their underwear, I prefer the Golden Age of the ‘80s where superheroes won out against unambiguously evil athletes using the power of believing in themselves. And steroids.

I don’t know. A lot of people really loved that era and think of it as a big part of their development, but I didn’t get into pro wrestling until, well, a few years ago when I started collecting the games on N64. I’m definitely not the best person to talk about pro wrestling, but watch me try anyway.

More than a dozen pro wrestling titles hit the N64 library if you count Japanese-only releases like Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 and its follow-up. A few of them, especially the ones created by AKI Corporation, still hold up today. The PlayStation would see its own success in its latter days with WWF Smackdown! and its sequel. This is not one of those games.

There's only so much WCW: Backstage Assault the human body can withstand! screenshot

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Source: Destructoid There’s only so much WCW: Backstage Assault the human body can withstand!