Jackbox! Oh how I want things to eventually settle down so people can safely play it in a giant room together, laughing and pointing fingers all the way.

Alas, it’ll be a while before that happens, but Jackbox Games is forging ahead with a new iteration anyway. It’s called, expectedly, The Jackbox Party Pack 8, and it’s no longer just a tease; it’s a fully fledged revealed entry.

Jackbox Games confirms that it will have five games, like “every Party Pack,” and will bring the “phones as controllers” concept back with no major changes. The first game will be announced “before the end of May,” and the rest of the pack will be drip-fed “periodically over the next few months.” Word Spud 2 is not fully confirmed as one of the five, but it’s hinted at in the blog post.

It’s slated to arrive “on major digital platforms” this fall. You ready for the laundry list of platforms that we can expect, based on where Jackbox Party Pack 7 launched? PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Apple TV/iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Mac, and Android. Major and minor platforms!

Although “fall” is the target, Jackbox is aiming for September, which is the “usual” goal.

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There's going to be another Jackbox, and it's aiming for a late 2021 release screenshot

Source: Destructoid There’s going to be another Jackbox, and it’s aiming for a late 2021 release