While most rabbits prefer the simple life – hanging around in fields, lolloping in runs and hutches, playing basketball with Bill Murray – such mediocre pastimes do not trouble the head of tomb waidin’ wabbit, Kaze. Kaze chases excitement and adventure, burrowing her way into hazardous worlds and uncovering the treasures that lie within…

…This time however, our headstrong hero might have bitten off more carrot than she can chew.

As a result of Kaze’s unquenchable curiosity, a curse long-forgotten has fallen on her world, draining it of its peaceful atmosphere and idyllic nature. What’s more, this plague has severely affected the crops of her people, turning all of the land’s fruit ‘n’ veg into strange, rabid monsters. The worst fate was reserved for Kaze’s dear friend Hogo, whose spirit has been drained and imprisoned within a mystical artifact, leaving him a literal wisp of his former self.

With seemingly nobody on hand, and with her entire world and community at stake, it is up to Kaze to set things right. It will take all of her skill, dexterity, and courage if she is to battle the killer crops, restore her land, defeat this dark evil and, most importantly, rescue Hogo. Kaze might have spent her whole life wisely eating her greens, but now her greens are coming to eat her

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