From GameWatcher: “Star Dynasties is a role-playing sci-fi strategy game, developed by Pawley Games under the Iceberg Interactive banner. It takes the space feudalism tropes found in sci-fi classics, such as Dune and Foundation, and brings them into a package focussed squarely on character driven interactions and procedural narrative.

The game is set during an interstellar dark age: after the inadvertent destruction of Earth. Lacking the infrastructure and resources needed to support themselves, the various human colonies in existence, have collapsed. The political, technological, and economic advances made pre-Earths destruction are lost and local feudatories arisesetting the stage for your noble house to engage in the human drama and feudal politics of the age.”

Source: N4G PC Star Dynasties Hands-on Preview – Space Feudalism wrapped in a turn-based shell – GameWatcher