It’s been a minute since we heard from avian xtreme sports title SkateBird, which will see your local bird-box buddies take to four-wheeled decks and bust out some sweet-ass feathered flips, bro. But developer Glass Bottom Games has returned with a brand new video, showcasing the absurd but fun-looking skater.

The new two-minute preview gives us a look at SkateBird‘s “Office,” as our adorable feathered friends take advantage of desktops, staplers, magazines, and other stationery (literally) items in order to pull off a sick run, racking up combos, points, and bonuses along the way.  The video is narrated by Glass Bottom Games’ Xalavier Nelson Jr., who provides context for the amusing on-screen action.

SkateBird's new office video puts the 'grind' in 'daily grind' screenshot

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Source: Destructoid SkateBird’s new office video puts the ‘grind’ in ‘daily grind’