Hit the lights, strike up the band, pop the corks, lose your pants. We are gathered here today to celebrate the anniversary of the coolest and hippest video game website on the internet – right up there with such contemporary trends as Tamagotchis, Fidget Spinners, and The Macarena. Yes, friends, today sees Destructoid celebrate its 15th birthday.

It’s been 15 long years since founder Niero Gonzalez started his own gaming blog for the sole purpose of blagging an E3 press pass. Suffering for his art, our affable overlord crammed his head inside a home-made, razor-sharp helmet and spread the gospel of a brand new games media experience. A website that aimed to take a wry look at the video games industry – its wares, people, politics, and curiosities, offering informed and honest information without taking itself too seriously.

Since those humble beginnings, Destructoid has grown into the “phenom” it is today – like The Undertaker, but without the weirdly right-wing clothing. For well over a decade, Destructoid has posted thousands upon thousands of features, reviews, videos, interviews, podcasts, show reports, and contests. The site has raised money for numerous charities and causes, while Destructoid alumni have birthed memorable web series such as Jonathan Holmes’ ‘Sup Holmes, Ashly Burch’s Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?, and The Jimquisition, hosted by the irrepressible Jim Stephanie Sterling.

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