In 1991, Street Fighter II radically altered the video game landscape. It opened a portal through which all sorts of pretenders started flowing out. Some of them were good! Most of them were bad. The one I present to you this Famicom Friday has mostly been forgotten.

That’s right, Famicom. And not Super Famicom, either. This one was entirely 8-Bit and was a pretty incredible effort to replicate the 1v1 experience on the aging console. By 1993, most arcade kids were arguing about whether Mortal Kombat’s blood and fatalities were better than Street Fighter II’s actually good gameplay, but on the Famicom, you were hard-pressed to find anything close.

Throw down in Nintendo's own lost classic, Joy Mecha Fight screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Throw down in Nintendo’s own lost classic, Joy Mecha Fight