TSA writes: “From Smaug to Spyro, dragons are the coolest of all fantasy creatures. Combining the power of flight with fiery breath to rain death from above opens up a multitude of potential set pieces and epic gaming moments. It is therefore surprising how rarely games let you play as the dragon. Aside from the aforementioned Spyro terrorising sheep and gnorcs whilst wisecracking and generally being obnoxious, the only other standout examples are either flawed disasters like Lair or underappreciated gems like 2013s Divinity: Dragon Commander. I was therefore really excited by the early footage of Century: Age of Ashes that started to appear last year. Culminating in a high profile spot at the Game Awards 2020, the promise of fully controllable free to play aerial dragon fights seemed tailor-made for me.”

Source: N4G PC Century: Age of Ashes is a multiplayer dragon dogfighting delight (TheSixthAxis)