TSA writes: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Take the game Spot the Difference, what could be simpler? Two almost identical pictures, all you have to do is spot the handful of differences between them. Its a game that has kept my son and me occupied whilst working through many a childrens activity book. It also happens to be a very mindful and peaceful activity, the perfect antidote to a busy afternoon of entertaining a four-year-old. Its a bit like colouring in that respect. Initially seen as purely a kids activity, the adult colouring book craze shows no signs of abating at least in our household anyway offering an opportunity for a spot of relaxing mindfulness to all those who partake. This got me thinking, how come spot the difference for grown-ups isnt a thing? Looks like Hyper Three Studio were contemplating the exact same thing. Their game, Tiny Lands, is spot the difference for big people.

Source: N4G PC Tiny Lands Review (TheSixthAxis)