It may only be March, but I’d wager the cast of Gnosia is the most infatuating group of eclectic weirdos we’ll see in gaming this year.

The 14 characters that make up the passengers of this wayward spaceship are a diverse bunch, with captivating stories to tell and styles that will undoubtedly inspire professional and amateur cosplayers alike. Throughout the game, you’ll get to know each one of them, learn their often devastating histories, and figure out their tells for when it comes time to eliminate them.

Because one or more of these passengers is not who they say they are. They may look human, but in reality, they’ve been replaced by a Gnosia, an alien entity hellbent on the destruction of the human race. If any survive this galactic voyage, humanity is most assuredly doomed. But with no way to easily identify a Gnosia, the only thing you can do is hold a vote for who you think is most likely to be the enemy and hope to God you are right.

Review: Gnosia screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Review: Gnosia