FinalWeapon writes:

The Persona series gained a ton of success since the release of Persona 5 a few years ago. Players have danced it out, got them in gacha and fought it out as the Phantom Thieves. With the release of Persona 5 Strikers, the beloved characters take on a whole new journey with a new take, an action RPG. With Koei Tecmo and Omega Forces resources, theyve put together a game that surpasses expectations for whats possible with Persona. From the surface, Persona 5 Strikers seems like another Warriors game from the same old Omega Force team. Persona 5 Strikers flips that notion on its head as a new action RPG while implementing features fans know and love. Omega Force crafted one of their most impactful games by branching out of the Musou genre and making a game that respects its influences.

Source: N4G PC Persona 5 Strikers Review – Perfecting Omega Force's Action With Persona's Style – Final Weapon