Genshin Impact might only have been on the scene for a few months, but it already has a surprisingly large roster of characters just waiting to gobble up your Fate (read: Cash). Despite my soft spot for Fire Emblem Heroes, I’m yet to fall prey to miHoYo’s take on the Lure of the Gacha. But things are about to get a little tougher for me, with the arrival of brand new character Hu Tao. I am a simple man: I see Spooky Gal, I click.

Like myself, Hu Tao “walks the line between life and death”, whilst somehow holding down a position as the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Known as the “Versemonger of the Darkest Alleys” Hu Tao can most likely be found in some of Liyue Harbor’s creepiest locations, hanging out with her spirit pals and practicing her pole-arm skills. A teasing trailer has Hu Tao introduce herself, complete with a light-hearted jump. I have to admit I think the voice is a little too cutesy, but I love her design.

I'm digging Genshin Impact's new spooky gal, Hu Tao screenshot

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Source: Destructoid I’m digging Genshin Impact’s new spooky gal, Hu Tao