In the 25 years since its original inception, the Pokémon universe has grown from just a handful of lead critters to a ridiculous menagerie of monsters. The designs tend to get a little weirder and more abstract as the developers run low on animals, plants and… erm… fashions to adopt, but each and every evolution is always bursting with life, character, and personality.

Even if, like myself, you aren’t a big-time Pokémon fan, it can be easy to see elements of yourself in some of the little dudes and dudettes. For my part, I see elements of my style (and resting face) in Gothitelle, hunger for validation in Jigglypuff, and my… well let’s face it… a whole lot of me in Snorlax. But I think I have the energy of no single Pokémon more than Generation VII’s Mimikyu – relating to its lonesome nature, its desire to be part of the pack, the masks it wears efforts to fit in, its occasionally overly friendly nature, and its inability to keep its physical head of the dang ground.

Above all else, however, we’re also both super-duper totes adorbs.

Which of Pokemon's cast of critters has your energy? screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Which of Pokemon’s cast of critters has your energy?