I have to hand it to the developers who work on popular games-as-a-service titles. It takes a lot of work to keep content interesting and players interested. Some rely on outside nostalgia to rope people in. Others look inward for opportunities to excite their massive player bases by breathing new life into popular existing content.

For the looter-shooter Warframe, that means reimagining Warframes with new Prime designs. Some are fairly simple upgrades of their original concept, like the Excalibur Prime. Others are a bit more involved, like 2019’s Ivara Prime.

My current go-to Warframe is Hydroid Prime, which I got during TennoCon last year. Within two weeks of adding him to my arsenal, he replaced Wisp as my lead ‘frame, not only because he’s incredibly useful in battle, but I also just really dig his Davy Jones-inspired look.

Hydroid Prime debuted in 2017 and was designed by Digital Extremes artist Raymond dela Cruz. That same year, Octavia made her debut and quickly became one of the more popular ‘frames in the game. It was only a matter of time before she got her own Prime redesign, and the developers gave dela Cruz the task of reimagining Warframe‘s bard. 

How Taylor Swift and Janet Jackson helped inspire Warframe's Octavia Prime screenshot

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Source: Destructoid How Taylor Swift and Janet Jackson helped inspire Warframe’s Octavia Prime