I guess I should be happy Miis had a pretty decent showing at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. After all, it was just over a month ago I was lamenting the lack of Mii games on Switch. Sure, they still play a decent role in Smash Ultimate, but the number of games that support Miis has diminished since Nintendo left the 3DS behind.

Things are starting to look up, though. Not only will Miis play a central role in the story mode for Mario Golf: Super Rush, but the 3DS sleeper hit Miitopia is coming back this May on Nintendo Switch. I reviewed the original release over three years ago and found it to be a mostly funny and enjoyable experience.

Part of what endeared Miitopia so much to me was how it utilized Miis. Rather than fill the game with randomly generated NPCs, it would pull Miis from all over and cast them as characters in your adventure. When I was preparing to cover the Direct yesterday and the big leak that correctly predicted most everything in it dropped, Jordan Devore posted this picture into our Slack chat:

Miitopia just won't be the same without the randomness of SpotPass screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Miitopia just won’t be the same without the randomness of SpotPass