Is anyone tired of the Lady Dimitrescu discourse yet? Well, I’m sure not. I loved Resident Evil Village‘s high society queen when we first encountered her back at E3. I loved her when we recently discovered she was 200 feet tall (possible exaggeration). And I loved her when she skewered my face off in last month’s PS5 demo.

Since her arrival in the zeitgeist, the good lady and her infectious daughters have gotten the creative juices flowing in a lot of artists. And not just Rule 34 lovers. Take for example these wonderful Minifigs – designed by Redditor and LEGO fan Demonic_Cucumber – that showcase Alcina (we’re on first name terms, y’see) and her offspring in classic blocko form. Thanks to @LeonHurley for spotting these creepy-cute creations.

LEGO fan's Minifig renders of Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters screenshot

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Source: Destructoid LEGO fan’s Minifig renders of Resident Evil’s Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters