From TheGamer: “Melody of Memory is a pretty remarkable victory lap for the Kingdom Hearts series. It wouldnt have occurred to me to round out two decades of action RPGs with a rhythm game, but this cozy treat down memory lane does a wonderful job of celebrating the franchises highlights including, unsurprisingly, the music. Sinking into a stress-free session of Melody of Memory always rewards me with a nice big dose of nostalgia. Just as I settled into the game last night and became a human metronome, however, Melody pulled the dirtiest trick of all time with a massive difficulty spike and a surprise boss fight. My chilled out jam sesh morphed into a white knuckle fight for my life against Kingdom Hearts final boss: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. I speak for all Kingdom Hearts when I say the first boss fight in Melody of Memory is seriously in need of a trigger warning. Im still traumatized by the Ansem fight in Kingdom Hearts and it seems like Melody of Memory thinks thats funny.”

Source: N4G PC Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory's Boss Fights Are A Cruel Joke