I remember buying the first Style Savvy as something of a lark. My roommate and I were heavily into DS gaming at the time, and for weeks, we’d been inundated with advertisements for Nintendo’s new fashion game. We couldn’t escape it. It was everywhere, and over time, all of those ads started to work as we became completely addicted to the idea of running our own boutique. The last time either of us felt such a crazed passion about the same game was right before Cooking Mama was released a few years earlier.

We got some funny faces going into GameStop to pick up our copies, particularly because mine was actually preordered. As soon as we got home, we popped our games into our DS Lites and played that day until our batteries died. We shared fashion tips, visited each other’s shops, and faced off in runway competitions. It immediately hooked us, and for me, it was yet another Nintendo franchise I would never be able to say no to.

Nintendo followed up the DS original with three sequels, all for the Nintendo 3DS: Trendsetters, Fashion Forward, and Styling Star. I’ve owned all of them, reviewed two of them, and since last year, I’ve been saying little prayers in the hope that Nintendo and syn Sophia finally announce the fifth game in the series for Switch.

I could really go for a new Style Savvy in 2021 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid I could really go for a new Style Savvy in 2021