VGChartz’s Craig Snow: “Even if you ignore mobile releases, each year hundreds of video games release. Most are probably fairly average and nondescript; a decent chunk are awful and rightly consigned to the metaphorical dustbin of history; a select few are hotly anticipated, highly acclaimed, and hugely successful commercially; some are widely anticipated but either critical or commercial duds, not so much confined to the dustbin of history as hung up in cages, to be gawped at and occasionally pelted with rotten fruit or vegetables.

But let us turn to the deserving poor; the games treasured by a small number critics and gamers alike, but which for whatever reason simply haven’t received the audience they deserve. The games (almost) no one played. Here are 10 such titles from 2020.”

Source: N4G PC 10 Great Games from 2020 That (Almost) No One Played