Today is the day! Well, for the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury at least.

But where are the pins? Well, you may have expected a launch day rollout for these, as that happened with the last disastrous pin set at roughly the same time (1PM ET). But today is not the day for pins! That’s actually happening on February 17.

February 17 at 3PM ET, to be exact, according to the Mario 35th Anniversary missions page. Once the clock strikes three, all hell will break loose as folks rush to the site in the hopes that it won’t crash. But there’s something really important to remember: as long as you generate a code for the pins, you should be fine.

The way it actually works is that by clicking a button on the page, you’ll get a code that allows you to redeem it for the pins on the Nintendo store for free (plus shipping). Just remember that you have to complete 14 other missions, and own the game itself and have it connected to your account to be eligible.

In other words, associate your physical copy through the main menu of the Switch before then. Or pull the trigger on the digital edition. Just remember, you aren’t guaranteed a pin set if all of the codes are dispensed before you can get yours.

When can you get the new 3D World Mario pins? 'February 17,' says Nintendo screenshot

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Source: Destructoid When can you get the new 3D World Mario pins? ‘February 17,’ says Nintendo