To say Rock Band revolutionized the admittedly short-lived plastic instrument phenomenon would be an understatement. This is a series that spawned not only a knockoff series from its biggest competitor but three direct sequels, multiple band-specific spinoffs (including the elusive Beatles license), and even a friggin’ LEGO collab — this thing had a full-blown zeitgeist. Like many niche interests, the genre crashed and burned, but a stalwart few still break out the cheap guitars and flimsy drum kits for some fake rock ‘n roll on a drunken Tuesday night.

I’m amongst those ranks.

Whether or not you ever got into the series, it’s proven to really have some legs. During its 13-year run, the series has featured some 2,800 songs, spanning every genre from the titular rock to rap, to country, and even parody tracks from South Park and Steven Colbert. Even to this day, the devs are still releasing DLC every Thursday to keep the series fresh.

It’s hard to complain about what the devs have done…but complaining is my business, and business is good. And gosh darn it, it’s time to put “You Get What You Give” in Rock Band.

It's been 13 years, Harmonix, put 'You Get What You Give' in Rock Band screenshot

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Source: Destructoid It’s been 13 years, Harmonix, put ‘You Get What You Give’ in Rock Band