After being delayed out of the PlayStation 5’s launch window, Destruction AllStars is rolling onto the scene at an opportune time. This hero-based destruction derby game would’ve struggled to catch on as a full-priced release, but as a PlayStation Plus pack-in, it might build enough of a recurring player base.

For those of us lucky enough to secure a PS5, slowly but surely, we’ve been running out of new things to try. Personally, my list is dwindling. As brilliant as it is, and as much as I adore it, Demon’s Souls can only last me so long. My PS4 backlog has been doing a lot of heavy lifting so far – especially with some of the performance-boosting updates that are popping up for older games – but there’s something special about a built-for-PS5 title that looks sharp and plays well. Destruction AllStars fits the bill.

My first night with the game was encouraging – the cars have breezy handling, the rules and controls are easy to learn, and getting into an AI or even online match is snappy. In other words, Destruction AllStars is the kind of chill game I could pick up again after a six-month break without feeling lost.

At the same time, I worry about its longevity. It’s surprisingly light on content and that’s a big problem.

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