Arc System Works has revealed the date for its next Guilty Gear Strive open beta. PS4 and PS5 fans can check out the newest action in Heaven and Hell on the weekend of February 18, while pre-order customers can jump into the battle a day earlier on February 17.

The new beta will feature a huge cast of 13 fighters, including new kids on the block Giovanna and Nagoriyuki, (though the recently revealed Anji Mito will not be available). Playable modes include online and offline Vs., Training Mode, and GG Strive‘s in-depth tutorial, giving newcomers an opportunity to learn the basics of the admittedly tricky fist-trader. Online battles will be used to study GG Strive‘s heralded rollback netcode.

Launching on April 9 for PS4, PS5, and PC, Guilty Gear Strive is the seventh mainline entry in the eccentric and hyper-stylized anime fighting series. Featuring a brand new engine, gorgeous visuals, and a redesigned ranking system, Arc System Works hope that GG Strive will bring a new army of players into the fold, while delivering the deep, breathless combat long-time fans have come to know and love.

Let’s Rock.

Guilty Gear Strive PS4/PS5 beta kicks off February 18 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Guilty Gear Strive PS4/PS5 beta kicks off February 18