Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Well, that’s actually a complete fallacy, but one game that is already feeling the soft-tinted vibe of Valentine’s Day is Nintendo’s mobile battle Fire Emblem Heroes, with a quartet of new heroes celebrating the happy holiday.

For the most part, it’s a family affair, as joining the 17 billion-strong character roster the husband and wife duo of Gustav and Henriette, hanging up their royal duties to return to the battlefield. I have to admit, that’s pretty novel. Also available are the couple’s noble son, Alfonse, and a new Dual Hero in the form of the edgy-beyond-belief Lif, partnered with the equally dour Thrasir in what is clearly a bit of fun on the developers’ part.

Fire Emblem Heroes gets gooey-eyed for Valentine's Day screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Fire Emblem Heroes gets gooey-eyed for Valentine’s Day