Hitman 3 appears to have had the same impact for the long-running stealth franchise as Yakuza 0 had for the adventures of Kiryu Kazuma. While the Hitman series has always been popular, a quick look on social media implies that IO Interactive’s newest sequel has brought a flurry of wannabe sharpshooters into the World of Assassination.

And already the Danish developer is offering players new content for the sequel. Yesterday saw the return of Escalation Contracts – essentially new missions and marks to eliminate in already established locations. The first contract sees Agent 47 return to Thornbridge Manor in order to stage a series of unhappy accidents.

February 11 will add a new Featured Contract – produced in association with YouTube series MinnMax (me neither). February 18 adds a throwing knife-exclusive Escalation, while on February 23 Deluxe Edition owners can enjoy a special premium Escalation, The Proloff Parable, which sees “The White Shadow” pick their way through a snow-covered train as it ruses through the Carpathian Mountains.

47 has a hectic schedule ahead with Hitman 3's February content screenshot

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Source: Destructoid 47 has a hectic schedule ahead with Hitman 3’s February content