“You can’t stand in the way of progress” is a favored motto of your resident corporation, and no company knows that better than Endron, the energy marketeer currently sucking the life force directly out of our dying planet. But this ecological matter goes far beyond your average Wall St. executive’s portfolio. The greed, recklessness, and inconsideration of this particular conglomerate’s schemes are far more frightening, going beyond the bottom line.

Endron is one of the many humanistic fronts for The Wyrm, a terrifying spiritual entity that greedily drains civilizations of their very life force, leaving behind inhospitable husks, destroyed wilderness, and millions of broken lives. While the snake suits and shark smiles of its executives are avaricious enough, at its heart The Wyrm is a more ancient and primeval force, one that has currently focused its endless thirst on the greenery of Washington State woodland Tarker’s Mill.

Hope is not lost, however, as Tarker’s Mill is home to a pack of equally ancient, but far more noble Garou: men and women born of man, wolf, and spirit. The Warriors of Gaia. The werewolves. While the outside world merely sees another case of Endron’s inhumanity visited upon Mother Earth, the Garou are more attuned to The Wyrm’s machinations, vowing to stop the evil spirit from destroying their homeland, their people, and the planet itself.

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