Publisher Autumn Games, in conjunction with developer Hidden Variable, has released a new gameplay trailer for Annie, the next character headed to excellent tag-fighter Skullgirls 2nd Encore. No date was revealed for The Star Child’s debut, but she is available in Skullgirls Mobile right now.

Annie’s gameplay trailer, which you can check out below, sees the literal superstar battling Skullgirls regulars Ms. Fortune, Filia, and Painwheel on the set of her hit TV show, where she showcases her fast-paced, knife-wielding style. Annie – who has been a long time coming – lost out on the character vote during Skullgirls crowdfunding campaign, but has been fortunate enough to find her way into the fighter via its mobile counterpart

Skullgirls teases new DLC character and I hope it's Black Dahlia screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Skullgirls teases new DLC character and I hope it’s Black Dahlia