CCG writes – “In true retro fashion, youre simply thrown into the game and youre left to find out how the controls function yourself. Adam recommends that a controller is best used, although I didnt experience any troubles with keyboard functionality. The controls are easy to grasp as the only things to do are move, jump, attack with your pickaxe, and open chests. The only reason that comes to mind as to why controllers are commended is that in some areas, Micheal uses the light on his helmet to navigate dark areas. The light itself has eight-directional movement controlled the same way as movement is, and in my experience playing, was best controlled with a D-pad or control stick. Even so, all button prompts are displayed with a keyboard in mind whether a controller is plugged in or not. Whatever method you use, the controls are sharp and responsiveas expected of a platformer.”

Source: N4G PC Lost Caves review – ChristCenteredGamer