Marvel’s Avengers is a really, really strange “live service” game.

We’re sort of in this holding period now, waiting for Square Enix and company to blink. Avengers launched with a host of problems (prolonged fun being a chief issue), and the studio had to take time to fix those before all of that aforementioned live service stuff rolled out. Then delays put a damper on everything else, most notably a delay for the “next gen” editions on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

So we’re sort of still waiting for all that to happen. Kate Bishop came out! But the playerbase was dropping steadily by the time she actually arrived, so she never really got her true moment in the sun. Maybe this PlayStation Plus bonus will help? I’m not sure anymore.

By heading to this link, you can grab a new Kate Bishop outfit (“touch of purple”), as well as 100 Units (currency) and a Kate Bishop nameplate. Basically, everything you see from the landing page below. It’s not much! But it might be something worth logging in for if you still have the game installed.

I think like a lot of people, I’m waiting on that upgrade to hit. While the Hawkeye duo probably isn’t enough to convince most people to give it another go (is Spider-Man even enough at this point, especially when you add in the exclusivity nonsense?), as a Hawkeye stan, I’ll gladly boot it up more than once a week (my current schedule) just to see what’s going on.

Marvel’s Avenges PlayStation Plus Reward [PlayStation]

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