If you had told me Bleeding Edge would still be around in January 2021, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to picture it. Ninja Theory isn’t delisting Bleeding Edge yet – a move that seems plausible given its failure to resonate with a big-enough audience – but the team is done releasing content updates for the game.

The only-a-matter-of-time news was shared today on Twitter.

Bleeding Edge has redeeming qualities – it’s clear the developers genuinely tried – but better games have failed to make a splash in the tricky modern-day multiplayer space, and it doesn’t make sense to fight this uphill battle. Not every game can turn it around post-launch, and not every game should.

I’m glad Ninja Theory is in a position to take the hit on Bleeding Edge and move on undeterred with a mix of familiar (Hellblade II) and new (Project Mara). I’d hate to lose this studio to a botched PvP game.

I was just thinking about Bleeding Edge yesterday afternoon in light of the PS5’s Destruction AllStars. Not that these games are comparable one-to-one exactly, but there are broad-strokes similarities and I’m curious to see if the latter can establish a healthy foothold with PlayStation Plus backing it up.

I’ll always have Kulev, my curse-slinging deceased professor controlled by a cybernetic snake.

Ninja Theory isn't pulling Bleeding Edge offline, but it's moving on screenshot

Source: Destructoid Ninja Theory isn’t pulling Bleeding Edge offline, but it’s moving on