The PlayStation Plus lineup for February 2021 is one of my favorites in recent memory – a mix of new, familiar, and overlooked. These are the games you’ll be able to claim starting Tuesday, February 2:

I think it’s fair to say that Concrete Genie flew under the radar for a lot of people in 2019, and to me, those are the kinds of games I want to see included with PlayStation Plus. It’s a magic-paint-brush adventure that Chris called “Pixar-esque” in his review. Bonus points for the PlayStation VR side modes.

Control: Ultimate Edition has been through the wringer over its new-console-generation upgrade path for existing players, but it’s a great Remedy game, and as a PS Plus freebie, I definitely want to revisit it for the 60 FPS Performance Mode (and to play the two expansions I never got around to trying on PC).

As for Destruction AllStars – who knows! Could be good, could be bad, but it’s probably fine as a hero-based car combat game. The main question is: will people be into it? I genuinely don’t know.

If you need to grab any of the January picks (GreedFall, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Maneater for PS5), then make sure you do so by Feb. 1. Also, Destruction AllStars will be free-to-claim until April 5.

February's PlayStation Plus games strike a nice balance between PS4 and PS5 screenshot

Source: Destructoid February’s PlayStation Plus games strike a nice balance between PS4 and PS5