From GameWatcher: “A couple hits to the bandit and he falls to noted Evil Man, Sir Mordred, bastard son of King Arthur. SLASH! SLASH! To his left, Sir Kay, one of King Arthurs most loyal knights, fells another bandit. SLAM! A lesser known knight, Sir Balan, crushes another with his Very Big Axe. They are powerful, indeed, but the true test comes when its the enemys turn and the knights must stand patiently to receive their blows.

King Arthur: Knights Tale is a tactical combat-focused RPG that releases for Early Access on January 26 (if youre reading this, its probably out now). I had the chance to pick it up and play around with the first few hours of the game. What I found is a gritty, bordering on almost grimdark look at Arthurian myth, with a combat system that imitates worthy games to mixed success.”

Source: N4G PC King Arthur: Knight's Tale Hands-on Preview – GameWatcher