From GameWatcher: “Publisher and developer Frogwares today released a video in which it answers fan questions about its upcoming adventure game Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. The title delves into the famed detective’s past, focusing on a younger version of his that goes to a “dangerous island in the Mediterranean” to investigate the death of his mother.

The video kicks off with the developer reiterating that Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will feature 5 main quests “connected through one continuous story” and more than 30 side quests, some of them rivaling the main ones in size. Players focusing on the main story can squeeze around 12-15 hours of playtime out of the game, while those looking to experience everything on offer will end up spending between 40 and 50 hours exploring its world.”

Source: N4G PC Frogwares Discusses Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Linearity, Character Motivations and Voice Cast