“My uncle works for Nintendo” is one of the funniest things I heard growing up, alongside of “my significant other lives in Canada/is somewhere else.” But in this video, someone’s uncle might show up!

Shared recently by the YouTube channel btm0815ma, the 20 minutes of raw footage provides a walkthrough of the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, Washington in June of 1990. Note: it is raw, free of edits and flashy visuals most documentaries are known for.

Refreshingly, it shows the rottenness of a typical workday, along with some of the flashes of fun found in working for Nintendo. The part pretty much everyone wants to see is 14:00 in, where it centers on the playtester room. It’s just a giant place full of guys and gals playing NES games: a wild sight! You also get some insight into the hardware manufacturing process with a look at Nintendo’s assembly lines.

For me, the best part is near the beginning; when a presenter says their lines and flourishes the button of the script, then continues to stare blankly into the camera waiting for a cut.

Is your uncle in this old Nintendo of America HQ video? screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Is your uncle in this old Nintendo of America HQ video?