We knew The Predator was coming because of a few recent quests; and because nearly all Fornite info can be datamined, we knew it was coming on January 20.

This past week Epic invited players to locate a crashed ship in an area that was rife with the creature’s classic clicking sounds. Amid rewards of a very Predator persuasion, it was obvious that the character was coming at some point. Now we know exactly what he looks like in-game thanks to a new blog post and a trailer, which you can catch below.

Having the prerequisites done for some time, I updated Fortnite and jumped in to see what the rest of the hubbub involved.

The Predator is part of the battle pass (so you’ll need that), and all you need to do to unlock him is take him out in Sneaky Stronghold in battle royale (he’s typically in the northwest corner near his ship).

Even The Predator is in Fortnite now, here's how to unlock him screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Even The Predator is in Fortnite now, here’s how to unlock him