After pouring easily hundreds of hours into Nioh 2 and its three DLC packs on PS4, it’s admittedly been pretty jarring to start a fresh save on PC – even if I’m only here for preview purposes right now.

I had forgotten just how lethal and unforgiving the early hours of Nioh 2 can be when you aren’t leveled up enough to feel all that versatile. Before you bolster your custom-created avatar with enough stamina to stand a chance in the Dark Realm, crack open a few key abilities in the Onmyo and Ninjutsu skill trees, and make your weapon class of choice really work for you, this game can be particularly brutal. That said, without trying, I’ve somehow already played for 10 hours. I couldn’t help myself!

Around half of that time went into an all-new character in the first two world-map regions, and the rest of my preview energy was spent bouncing around later missions with a Dream of the Strong-ready save file provided by Koei Tecmo. How is the PC port? So far, it’s been mostly fine – with a few nitpicks.

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition seems fine enough on PC screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Nioh 2: The Complete Edition seems fine enough on PC