As is our yearly tradition, around this time last year I asked the Destructoid staff to name their most anticipated games for 2020. Despite all the problems we saw last year and all the delays, most of the games on that list actually made it to retail. And some of them were big, like, moves-more-than-20-million-units-on-a-single-platform-in-just-a-few-months big.

Of course, there was one game absent from that list our readers continually pushed us on: Cyberpunk 2077. Given how that game ended up upon release — I have full confidence in CD Projekt Red to crunch that game into excellence over the next year or so — it’s probably for the best it won’t be listed below. Last thing we need is to kick off 2021 with people arguing that we’re not being nice enough to a broken game.

Big or small, before we let 2020 go for good, I wanted to give our writers a chance to look back at the games they were most excited for last year and tell us how they turned out.

So, how did Destructoid's most anticipated games of 2020 turn out? screenshot

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Source: Destructoid So, how did Destructoid’s most anticipated games of 2020 turn out?