Since its 2000 debut, I kind of viewed Hitman is one of those franchises to just float around in: when I get to it, I get to it.

Like all gaming IPs it can fluctuate in quality, but at the end of the day, you can typically count on a fun arcadey experience with Hitman. That all changed when I saw what IO Interactive was doing with the “World of Assassination Trilogy,” the newest effort that began in early 2016. While some balked at the idea of episodic Hitman, I enjoyed the bite-sized and focused approach of “medium” sandboxes, and have been eagerly awaiting them ever since.

We recently got our hands on Hitman 3 and were able to test out the Dubai mission; so far, so good.

Hitman 3 is more Hitman, and that's fine by me screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Hitman 3 is more Hitman, and that’s fine by me