2020 royally sucked ass for many people and for a lot of obvious reasons. Quality escapism has never been more important to me than it has been this past year. Simply taking my mind off things through video games is a luxury and I’m more thankful for the people that create them than ever before in my life. TL;DR: Thank fuck for video games for making this year more bearable.

With the past year in the rear-view mirror, I’m excited to kick off this decade with my personalized top ten games from 2020. If there’s one standout aspect within the realm of video games this year – even with the shiny new console hardware – it’s simply how many older games can still be great with a fresh new look or reimagined approach.

Keep in mind, I did miss out on some notable releases, including The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of TsushimaDoom Eternal, and Hades. This is unfortunate, considering all of these games are racking up numerous awards from other outlets, but it’ll make my ever-growing backlog all the more exciting.

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Source: Destructoid Dan Roemer’s personal top 10 games of 2020