While not explicitly my “game of the year” list, what follows does actually include two of my top three games of the year. The rest? Incredible games that I genuinely think everyone should play. Games that appeal to those beyond their genre(s) and simply appeal to basic human nature and interest. Games that have those moments that you will tell your grandchildren about one day.

Normally, this would be a list of me rattling off my indie hipster bullshit, and, well, it is actually mostly that. But! There’s even a triple-A title on here. Isn’t that enticing? And hey, while you may not have played these in 2020, there is still plenty of time to rectify this! So stay safe, wear a mask, and isolate yourself with these killer games from 2020.

Five games I wish everyone played in 2020 screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Five games I wish everyone played in 2020