From The Gamer: “If it were up to me, the title of this article would be more R-rated than it is, and not because I want to be edgy. But during a recent preview event for Bloober Teams highly-anticipated new horror game, The Medium, watching the dual-reality gameplay in action had my mind all sorts of fucked up – which is a significant jump in intensity over my mind being merely messed up, as the title might otherwise suggest.

Theres not much that I can expand upon that hasnt already been perfectly described in my colleague Bella Blondeaus preview article. The audio design, the utter dread, the puzzles, and strategy in stealth – they all add up to a horror experience that stands on its own in terms of originality, despite its comparisons to Silent Hill.”

Source: N4G PC The Mediums Dual-Reality Gameplay Has My Brain All Sorts Of Messed Up (And Thats A Good Thing)