Dinosaurs are on the short list of good things. They go, in order: Back massages, dinosaurs, astronauts. That’s it. That’s comprehensive.

You have a fine opportunity to close 2020 with dinosaurs, to begin the new year with dinosaurs, or to bridge the two with (you guessed it) dinosaurs. Epic is back to its weekly free games and Jurassic World Evolution is first up. Life finds a way (to escape from its cage and ruin your park).

Although Epic hasn’t come out and said it’s doing another year of weekly free games, that trend certainly looks set to continue. After Jurassic World Evolution expires on January 7, Crying Suns takes its place. Free video games almost makes the cut of life’s good things. Almost.

Jurassic World Evolution [Epic Games Store]

Close the year with dinosaurs screenshot

Source: Destructoid Close the year with dinosaurs