Every once in a while, a game trailer will come across my path that grabs me by the neck and doesn’t let go. Untitled Goose Game did that, Gnosia did that, and last night, the trailer for Rain on Your Parade did it as well. From developer Unbound Creations, this asshole cloud simulator lets you channel your inner Gi as you soak your way through various puzzle stages as you search for the fabled land of Seattle.

When I saw this game pop up on my Twitter feed, I knew I had to give it a try. A demo is available for download right now on Steam, and it offers a sampling of the different puzzle concepts players will encounter in the final game. Stages come in a variety of sizes with their own unique objectives. Small stages will ask you to do one or two tasks, such as ruin a wedding by soaking the bride and groom and all their guests, or protect a bomb by soaking those who would defuse it. Larger stages can put more on your plate, forcing you to search every nook and cranny to complete the checklist. Hands down, my favorite stage is a city-block location that lets me go HAM until the time limit runs out.

Ruin the day as a cardboard cloud in Rain on Your Parade screenshot

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Source: Destructoid Ruin the day as a cardboard cloud in Rain on Your Parade