I had hoped – and even started to believe – that Nioh 2 was building up to a thrilling conclusion across its three DLC packs, but the final expansion, The First Samurai, is a bit of a letdown. It’s not outright bad, and I’m just out here happy to be playing more Nioh, but this DLC surprisingly missed the mark.

If you’re a Nioh 2 season pass owner, great – I think The Tengu’s Disciple and Darkness in the Capital already proved their worth with compelling new weapon types, different-enough locales, and motivation to keep toiling away for the good of the grind. As a package deal, the bundle is priced fairly.

Taken on its own, though, The First Samurai lacks impact, originality, and excitement. It feels more like an obligation to get through rather than something you’d be genuinely stoked to dig into and explore.

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