Unlike with most of the past Nintendo presentations, this week’s Indie World showcase really didn’t have a lot for me. I’m moderately interested in Among Us and I guess I should probably get around to playing Spelunky, but really, only one game from that show spoke to me and I can’t get it out of my head: Gnosia.

The game originally released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan and earned a certain level of notability when it scored a 10/10 from IGN Japan. It plays out like an intergalactic game of Werewolf. Gnosia aboard a drifting spaceship are replicating humans, and you have to deduce which of your fellow passengers isn’t who they say they are. Each round is relatively short, and once you’ve won or lost, the story resets with a revolving set of characters and shuffled roles. As you repeatedly loop through the story, more of its mysteries will be revealed.

I can't stop thinking about Gnosia screenshot

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Source: Destructoid I can’t stop thinking about Gnosia